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Budget funds should work efficiently

Omarkhan Oxikbayev, Chairman of the Accounts Committee for control over execution of the republican budget, tells about the effective management of the resources and state assets in order to realize the 2030 Strategy.
- Effective budget management is one of key factors of ensuring the sustainable economic development. In your opinion, does the budget system developed in our country meet the tasks assigned in the Strategy of Kazakhstan development till 2030?
-Kazakhstan chose its own trajectory of economic growth. And the 2030 Strategy became initial document for conducting the full-scale reforms. On contemporary stage of the development Kazakhstan achieved considerable results.  Efforts on stabilization of social and economic situation, undertaken by the state, bring their benefit and as a result on contemporary stage of development Kazakhstan achieved considerable success. Budget system developed in our country completely answers those tasks which the Head of the state assigned us. 
 We have a lot to do and in conditions of growing economy the state should take active position in increasing of Kazakhstan competitiveness. Institute of Public-Private Partnership established in our country will allow successfully ensuring the diversification of the economy, creating the science intensive high technology production. The budget today is one of the main instruments in realization of considerable projects.
Realizing budgeting principle in Kazakhstan that is directed at the result will allow achieving the effectiveness of the use of state financial resources directed at realization of strategically significant tasks of the country development. 
- How effectively the budget funds are used for achievement of the tasks assigned by the 2030 Strategy?
- Today the Government and the Parliament are focused on adoption of budgeting principles, directed at the result. At present time the budget in Kazakhstan is non-oil. As you aware it was made changes in legislation of the RK and all the revenues from the oil sector from 2006 are transferred to the National Fund. This makes the issues of effectiveness of the use of budget funds especially topical.
The Government of Kazakhstan works at development of such budget planning system which will allow using money with maximum benefit. Money should not remain unused. Because we have so many spheres that need finances of the state, including the social sphere and industrial and innovation projects.
Besides, as the President of the country noted on the opening of the first session of the Parliament of the IV Convocation, deputies should make tougher the demand and responsibility of the administrators of the budgetary programs for allowed facts of inefficient and unreasonable use of the budget funds.
- What measures will allow improving the financial discipline?
- We initiate the establishment of the Institute of research in the sphere of financial control. We are planning that the experts of this institute will work out the suggestions and recommendations on elimination of the reasons of financial resources appearance connected with the disadvantages of forming and execution of the budget. In the Institute it will be studied the factors of corruption in regulatory and legal acts, regulating the issues of financial resources and state assets management, it was worked out the suggestions on improvement of the legislation for prevention of the corruption. The establishment of this Institute was provided within the framework of the realization of the Government program of the struggle against corruption for 2006-2010.

- Accounts Committee adopted the strategic development plan. Howdoesthedocumentco-ordinatewiththe 2030 Strategy? 
- On the basis of 2030 Strategy in Kazakhstan it was adopted all the strategic and program documents, and defined the perspectives on basic directions of social and economic development of Kazakhstan. 2030 Strategy gave impulse to the development of new initiatives which include our suggestions on further development of state financial control. 
It is important to strengthen the role of external audit institutions. The work of the Accounts Committee and revision commissions of maslikhats should assist effective management of the assets and state resources. The basic thing in our work is to reveal and prevent the violations and improve the financial discipline. We apply the principle that the activity of the external audit institutions should not be limited with the fixation of the violations. It is necessary to define the reason of the violations, to prevent them by presenting competent recommendations. Basic assessment of the effectiveness of our activity is not the indicators of the revealed violations but the indicators of the saved funds of taxpayers in the results of conducted audits. This is the effective participation of the whole system of the state financial control in the processes of the budget management of the country.
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