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Issues related to the use of the public information for the purpose of improving the control and expert-analytical activities of the Accounts Committee

Issues related to the use of the public information for the purpose of improving the control and expert-analytical activities of the Accounts Committee
Modern technologies in the field of public relations will improve the effectiveness of organizations through the use of knowledge and ideas of outsiders. The system of feedback with the public is well-proven in commercial structures, since the return of income depends on the degree of satisfaction of their customers.
If customer relationship to the quality of the organization, as a rule, used to be studied in earlier times through surveys, interviews, and other marketing research, now customers-buyers can indirectly participate in the management of the company through crowdsourcing.
The term “crowdsourcing” was first introduced in 2006 by writer Jeff Howe and the editor of the magazine «Wired» (magazine about computer technologies, published in the USA), Mark Robinson. Thetermliterallymeans“useofthecroudresources”.
A striking example of the use of crowdsourcing is the activity of the Savings Bank of Russia. In the implementation of the projects “no queues”, “Retail Office: comfort and quality service” and the other widely used the public opinion. According to the Chairman of the Bank Mr. Gref, in 2010, this system enabled the bank to earn some extra income in the amount of 7 Billion Rubles.
According to experts in the field of public relations, crowdsourcing is a fundamentally new approach for solving complex problems. It relies on the initiative and intelligence of hundreds, thousands, and sometimes tens of thousands of people. Given that the task of designing the future belongs to the category of the most complex ones. Its solution without crowdsourcing can be problematic. The art of crowdsourcing is to ask the right and clear questions.
The crowdsourcing technology has been applied in the selection of specialized logo of Astana EXPO-2017. The official website announced the logo out of 7 different options on the official. About 10 thousand people took part in the voting. Two leaders by a finger's breadth other were identified by the choice of the majority of users. Both options were submitted at a meeting of the State Commission, which approved the logo of the exhibition.
The SAIs of the developed foreign countries in their activities also use elements of the crowdsourcing.
For example, any visitor can leave a message on the facts of embezzlement, abuse, fraud, misuse of federal funds on the website of the SAIs of the United States. Such messages of applicants have been accepted in 1979. The information represented by visitors to the website serves as an additional source of information when developing a plan or programs of expert-analytical activities.
The SAIs of the USA also conduct one-time actions to involve public to the audit. In March 2009, they published an appeal to the citizens to report cases of abuse in the use of funds allocated by the Government of the United States within the fight against the financial crisis, unemployment and other federal programs. The text of the appeal stated that the funds allocated to fight the crisis make sums of billions of dollars, and since such sums of money are pouring simultaneously, without the proper training and the necessary experience, you may experience the situation of abuse and fraudulent schemes. Under the law of the United States, witness protection program and financial reward are specified for whistleblowers.
The SAIs of Korea consider requests for audit in case of its sending in writing by a group of adult citizens of the country (at least 300) and a list of applicants. The audit committee is formed by the SAIs for determination of the audit adequacy. After the audit the information on the results is sent to the applicants.
The Accounting Chamber of the Russian Federation gives special attention to treatment of citizens, they are used as additional information to improve control in the sphere of government revenue and expenditure. Treatment of citizens contributes to the improvement of the current legislation in the budget process and the budget system, the state and the municipal financial control.
As experts of the Accounting Chamber note, citizens are increasingly interested not in personal problems, but issues related to the management and administration of the federal budget and the federal property.
If we talk about the possibility of using the mechanism of crowdsourcing in the activities of the Supreme Audit Institution in Kazakhstan, in our opinion, probing of the public opinion and the correct use of the results at work can contribute to improving their activities.
So, given the limited manpower of the Accounts Committee and thus the inability to control annual coverage of 100% funds allocated from the republican budget, the actual point is the problem of point identification of those economic areas that are most likely to be in breach of the budget and other laws.
Currently, the official website of the Accounts Committee contain sections “FAQ” and “Appeals to the blog of the Chairman of the Accounts Committee”, which receives questions and complaints from citizens relating to the activities of the agency. As practice shows, the data treatment helps get more information about financial irregularities.
Given the positive international experience in the use of crowdsourcing currently the Accounts Committee is elaborating the issue on the use of this mechanism application.
The main objective is to get information from the public for use in planning and carrying out of control and expert-analytical activities, as well as continuous monitoring of the public opinion on the fields of public administration, financial activities of which raises an increased interest of the country's citizens.
I must say that the operation of the section “FAQ” on the site of the Accounts Committee and the Blog of the Chairman of the Accounts Committee to a certain extent is an element of crowdsourcing. However, the introduction of direct mechanism of crowdsourcing as an additional tool for interaction with the public will automate the process of treatment of appeals and, as a consequence, increase the speed of adoption of the necessary measures.
Thus, the use of opinions, facts, and the public information in the activities of the Accounts Committee may, in our view, be a useful tool in improving the financial discipline of budget and generally help improve the work of the government management.
In conclusion, it should be noted that the mechanism of crowdsourcing as a method to obtain more useful information from the public, has a huge potential. The main thing is to be able to use it effectively.


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