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The delegation of the Accounts Committee headed by the Member of the Accounts Committee mr. Nurlan Nurzhanov participated in the 7th ECOSAI General Assembly meeting as well as ECOSAI Symposium, in Ankara (Turkish Republic)

Representatives of the Supreme Audit (Control) Institutions of Afghanistan, Azerbaijan, Iran, Kazakhstan, Pakistan, Turkish Republic and Turkish Republic of the North Cypress have been participated in these events.  
ECOSAI Strategic Plan on 2016-2021 was approved, also the new members of the ECOSAI Governing Board as well as ECOSAI Audit Committee were appointed during the Assembly.
Following the unanimous decision the Supreme Audit Institution of Kazakhstan has become the member of the ECOSAI Governing Board.  The President of the Turkish Court of Accounts will continue the activity as the ECOSAI President on 2017-2019.
The participants of Symposium have discussed the issues of implementation and application of public audit international standards in the activity of public audit (control) institutions.
Mr. Nurzhanov made a speech on the main topic of the Symposium. He told about the experience of Kazakhstan on improvement of the public audit and financial control national system.
«Adopted in the past year the Law «On Public Audit and Financial Control» is directedto implementation of public audit on the base of the best world practice. It determines the system of the public audit and financial control institutions, establishes their mandates as well as principles of public audit», - the Member of the Accounts Committee of Kazakhstan said.
Nurlan Nurzhanov emphasized that it will allow not just to eliminate existing problems, but to provide the unification of the approaches of public audit and financial control institutions’ activity in accordance with the INTOSAI international standards.
«Finally this innovations we are considering as the important condition of the ensuring of effective public management, realization of the significant mission on providing of the population prosperity’s growth», - he concluded.
ECOSAI – organization of the supreme audit institutions of member-states of the Economic Cooperation Organization. The members of ECOSAI are Afghanistan, Azerbaijan, Iran, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Pakistan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Turkish Republic and Uzbekistan. ECOSAI Assembly is held triennially.
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