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The Member of the Accounts Committee Mr. Imanzhussup Akpombayev participated in the X EUROSAI Congress, Istanbul (Turkish Republic)

Representatives of the supreme audit (control) institutions of more than 40 countries, observers and other guests have participated in the Congress.
Participants discussed issues of implementation, application and improvement of the professional international standards of  supreme audit institutions (ISSAI) the aim of which is providing  conduction of  independent and efficient audit.
The Member of the Accounts Committee of Kazakhstan Imanzhussup Akpombayev presented a report on the main theme of the Congress. He informed participants about the main methods of ISSAI implementation focusing on the experience of Kazakhstan in international standards implementation.
Imanzhussup Akpombayev pointed out that in accordance with the Law «On Public Audit and Financial Control» the common standards developed with a view to principles of the public audit international standards which include basic requirements for public audit bodies’ activities, as well as procedural standards and methodological guidances which include procedural requirements for public audit conduction and public audit bodies’ activities are used in Kazakhstan.
In conclusion the Member of the Accounts Committee emphasized that current transit to public audit complied with the international standards is considered in the Republic of Kazakhstan as an important condition for realization of the mission on ensuring growth of population well-beingand prosperity of the state.
Within the Congress elections of the EUROSAI President, members of the Governing Board and EUROSAI Auditors for 2020-2022 were held. The Turkish Court of Accounts was appointed as the EUROSAI President for 2017-2020.
Following the Congress the Istanbul Declaration on Strengthening the Role of  Supreme Audit Institutions and EUROSAI in Achievement of Sustainable Development Goals and Enhancement of Efficiency and Audit Quality was adopted.
In addition, Report on Execution of the EUROSAI Strategic Plan 2011-2017 was approved, EUROSAI Strategic Plan 2017-2023 and Budget for its Execution were adopted.
Within this event there were held seminars for the Heads of supreme audit institutions and  parallel work sessions for delegates as well as 46th  and 47th  meetings of EUROSAI Governing Board .
EUROSAI (European Organization of Supreme Audit Institutions) is an organization which unites supreme audit (control) institutions of 50 European countries. It was established in 1990. The Accounts Committee is a member of the EUROSAI since 2003.
The Congress is held every three year, the Congress moderation is provided by the Head of a supreme audit institution of state where Congress is held.
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