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The representativesof the Accounts Committee took part in the working meeting of Task Force 3 (knowledge sharing) of EUROSAI Joint Audit, Prague (Czech Republic)

Representatives of the Supreme Audit (control) Institutions of Albania, Germany, the Netherlands, Poland, Slovakia, Ukraine, the Czech Republic and other countries attended in the meeting.

During the working session were considered three main stages of the joint audit: preparatory, conduction and final. A constructive exchange of views and experience in the field of joint audit as a supporting mechanism for the capacity developing of the supreme public audit institutions was held. 
Within the framework of the Workshop, a seminar was organized in accordance with the EUROSAI Strategic Plan and the Activity Plan of  Task Force 3.

The main problems and new methods of joint audit, such as data exchange and analysis were discussed during the seminar.

Practical use of the joint audit results, as well as the experience of conducting such audit activities with other supreme public audit institutions of in the field of taxes had been demonstrated.

Practical aspects of the joint audit in the states of the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU) were presented by the representatives of the Accounts Committee of Kazakhstan. Particularly on the compliance of the Protocol on the procedure for the income and distribution of the import customs duties amounts (other duties, taxes and charges with equivalent effect), their transfer to the revenue of the budgets to the EAEU member countries as well as the budget-making efficiency and management of the budgetary funds by the  authorized institutions of the EAEU countries.
EUROSAI (European Organization of Supreme Audit Institutions), an organization that unites the Supreme Audit (control) Institutions of 50 European countries, was established in 1990. The Accounts Committee became a member of EUROSAI in 2003.
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