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The meeting with the representatives of OECD took place in Accounts Committee

The meeting took place within the realization of the project “Review of the Budget System of the Republic of Kazakhstan: Strategy for Implementation of Best International Practice in Budget Regulation (Optimization of Budget Policy)” by OECD.
The Member of the Accounts Committee Adylgazy Bergenev and heads of the structural units of the Accounts Committee have met with the representatives of OECD.
It was discussed the role and the place of the supreme audit institution in the system of state management, its main goals and functions, additional empowerments, assigned to the Accounts Committee in accordance with the Law “On State Audit and Financial Control” including on conduction of preliminary assessment of the draft republican budget on main directions of its expenditures.

Special attention was paid to the issues of planning and conduction of audit activities, use of risk management system, involvements of experts, working out of recommendations directed to audited entities, transparency and publicity of the Accounts Committee activity.

Besides, it was considered the issues of advanced training of the employees of the state audit and financial control authorities, conduction of state auditors’ certification.

At the end of the meeting the parties have expressed readiness for further cooperation in order to increase efficiency of budget funds use and financial violations prevention.
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OECD (Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development) – international economic organization of developed countries, established in 1961. The mission of OECD concludes in assistance to policy, which improves economic and social welfare of the people around the world.
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