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Delegation of the Accounts Committee headed by the Chairman Nurmukhambet Abdibekov paid a working visit to the Supreme Public Control Institution of the Republic of Belarus

During the visit the meeting with the Chairman of the State Control Committee Leonid Anfimov was held.
The delegation of the Accounts Committee has reviewed with the main directions of the activity of the Supreme Public Control (Audit) Institution of the Republic of Belarus.
The issues of the work organization and planning, including methodology development of the financial control (audit) conduction, management of the public assets, carrying out of the quality control of the control (audit) activities, development of the recommendations on prevention and removal of the violations, responding in the case of its non-performance, were discussed.
There were constructive exchange and sharing knowledge and experience in the part of financial violations analysis in conditions of transition to the performance audit and assessment of the identified deficiencies’ impact on the economic sector’s development. 
The special attention was paid for the issues of the automatization of the audit process with the IT application in order to monitor the use of the budget funds by any participant of the budget process in the online mode.
The delegation of the Accounts Committee learned about the activity of the Situation Center of the State Control Committee of the Republic of Belarus.
The issues of the collaboration of the Supreme Audit Institution of Belarus with law enforcement, central public bodies and regional structures, which exercise the control-supervisory activity, were discussed.
The deadline of the holding the external audit of the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU) by the Supreme Audit (Control) Institution of the members-states of the EAEU in 2018, coordinator of which is the accounts Committee of Kazakhstan, has been considered.
Additionally Belarussian colleagues expressed the interest in the use of the experience of the Accounts Committee concerning the questions of the implementation of the public auditors’ certification system, staff development and training on a specialty “public audit”.
Following the visit the sides have made decision concerning the strengthening of the bilateral cooperation between the Supreme Public Control (Audit) Institutions of Kazakhstan and Belarus, including by carrying out cooperative and parallel control (audit) activities, seminars, trainings for the purpose of improvement of the auditors’ professional level and mutual exchange with practical experience.
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