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Estonian National Audit Office experts conducted the first peer review stage of activity of the Accounts Committee of the Republic of Kazakhstan

Peer review was initiated by the Accounts Committee in order to ensure the activity of the supreme audit institution of Kazakhstan complies with international standards requirements.
Before starting the peer review National Audit Office representatives have met with Natalya Godunova, Chairwoman of the Accounts Committee. During the meeting Memorandum on mutual understanding on regulating the goals, methods and order of peer review conduction had been signed.
Estonian colleagues thanked Chairwoman of the Accounts Committee for vote of trust and suggestion to conduct external peer review of the supreme audit institution of Kazakhstan.
In turn Natalya Godunova expressed hope that developed recommendations on peer review results would serve improvement of the Accounts Committee activity with accordance to the best world practice.
During the first stage of the peer review the issues of the Accounts Committee activity planning and organization, methodological support, internal quality control conduction and informational systems application were studied by Estonian National Audit Office experts.

The main attention of Estonian colleagues was paid to auditing, including collecting evidence, preparation of appropriate reports and conclusions, and development of recommendations.

The next stage of peer review will be conducted in June, 2018.
For information:
Peer review is one of effective mechanisms of evaluation of the work results, applicable in world community of the supreme audit institutions, which allows following the principle of activity transparency with saving independence because audit institutions are partners to each other with equal status and mandates.

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