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The member of the Accounts Committee of the Republic of Kazakhstan Khalida Kambarova participated on the round table that organized by the Accounts Chamber of the Russian Federation on the platform Petersburg international economic forum

On the work of the round table took part the heads and representatives of Supreme Audit Institutions of Public Audit (SAI) of the 19 states.

The participants discussed the projects of the documents of two themes (topics or agenda) of the forthcoming XXIII Congress INTOSAI-the biggest international forum of the auditor’s community, which will be hold in Russia (Moscow) in 2019.

The first themes related to apply of information technology on the development of public administration; the second is the role of SAI in the achievement of national priority aims.

The Accounts Committee is part of expert group for the work of the second theme of the Congress.

It was noticed, that for the realization of the role of SAI in the achievement of national aims necessary to apply systematic approach for implementation of public audit, enhancing analytical and consultation work, using the latest practice of public audit, that aimed not to identification of violations, and also for the development of opportunities of government for solution of the problems.

As the result, the parties decided to approve projects of the documents of the Congress themes. Aftermath they will be translated to official languages of INTOSAI and distributed for the discussion among SAI-members of INTOSAI.

It’s planned, that the Discussion project documents for the discussion on XXII Congress INTOSAI will be formed by the May of 2019.


INTOSAI- is international organization of highest organs of the governmental audit that united SAI 194 states as the full members and 5 states as observers. It has rand of the organization that cooperate with the United Nations. It was established in 1953. The Accounts Committee is the member of INTOSAI from 2000.

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