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The Experts of Estonian National Audit Office have completed the second peer review stage of activity of the Accounts Committee of the Republic of Kazakhstan

The peer review was initiated by the Accounts Committee in order to ensure compliance of the activity of the Supreme Audit Institution of Kazakhstan with the international standards requirements. The first stage of the peer review was held in April this year.  
Professional development of the Accounts Committee staff as well as accountability to the President and Parliament, cooperation with foreign partners on multilateral and bilateral basis, international audit organizations, publicity and transparency of activity were studied by the National Audit Office experts.   
The Estonian colleagues have met with the deputies of the Majilis of the Parliament with view of further detailed discussion of the efficiency of Accounts Committee activity, including its annual report to the Parliament – the Conclusion on the Government Report.  
The subject of the conversation with the representatives of auditees, the Committee for State Income of the Ministry of Finance and Service of Internal Audit of the Ministry of Culture and Sport, was the analysis of public audit approaches, and feedback on execution of assignments and recommendations of the Accounts Committee.

The issues of development of performance audit methodology, independence of the Supreme Audit Institution of Kazakhstan, informatization of activity, improvement of sectoral legislation were discussed during the meeting with Natalya Godunova, Chairwoman of the Accounts Committee.

The representatives of the National Audit Office have indicated the high level of professionalism and motivation of the Accounts Committee staff. According to expert opinion methodological base of the institution corresponds INTOSAI standards.
The results of the peer review will be finalized till the end of the current year at the Joint   Meeting of the Supreme Audit Institution of Estonia and Kazakhstan in Tallinn.

For information:
The peer review is one of the effective mechanisms of the assessment of the work results, applied in the world community of the Supreme Audit Institutions, which allow following the principle of ensuring transparence of the activity keeping independence, because the auditing institutions are partners to each other with equal status and power.  
INTOSAI is an International Organization of Supreme Audit Institutions which unites Supreme Audit Institutions of 194 countries as full-fledged members and 5 countries as observers. It has a rank of the institution cooperating with the Unite Nations. It was established in 1953. The Accounts Committee is a member of the INTOSAI since 2000.

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