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The International Seminar of ASOSAI on "Information Technologies Audit", had completed its work in Astana and gathered the representatives of the Supreme Audit Institutions (SAIs) of 27 countries

The seminar was organized by the Accounts Committee of the Republic of Kazakhstan with the support of the Board of Audit of Japan, which is the ASOSAI Administrator on capacity building of SAIs.  

Within five days, participants exchanged the latest IT audit approaches and methods, designed to assess the effectiveness of the development, implementation and functioning of information systems in various sectors of the economy.

It was noted that significant budgetary resources are being allocated to the information technology development. In this regard, the role of the audit is increasing, aimed at identifying the risks of their inefficient use.

During the seminar, there were discussed the problems appeared in the course of this type of audit, in particular, ensuring information security of data transmission, access to information of the audit object, support of information systems, development of unified platforms for their operation.

It is important that the concrete ways were offered to the participants and trainers to solve them and strengthen the SAI capacity in this direction.

At the closing of the Seminar the Chairwoman of the Accounts Committee Natalya Godunova delivered a speech. The Head of the Supreme Audit Institution of Kazakhstan thanked the trainers and participants for their fruitful and constructive work.

"I am glad that extensive and useful discussion has been established during the training. I am confident that the knowledge and skills obtained will serve to improve your professional level in these matters, "Natalya Godunova emphasized.  

The special words of gratitude were expressed to the representative of Japan SAI, Mr. Takaya Kato, for coordinating the event.

In turn, the participants noted the need to continue the practice of holding international events on topical issues of interest to all ASOSAI members.
At the end of the closing ceremony, the Chairwoman of the Accounts Committee Natalya Godunova awarded international certificates to the participants.
For information:
ASOSAI (Asian Organization of Supreme Audit Institutions) is an organization that unites 46 countries of the Asia-Pacific region. It was created in 1979. The supreme body of ASOSAI is the Assembly, which is held once every 3 years. The Accounts Committee is a member of ASOSAI since 2000.

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