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The delegation of the Accounts Committee of the Republic of Kazakhstan headed by the Chairwoman Natalya Godunova took part in the work of the XVIII Session of the Council of the Heads of Supreme Audit Institutions (SAIs) of the CIS member states held in Moscow

Comprehensive digital transformation is a strategic global trend, and information technologies play an increasingly important role in the development of the economies of most countries. This was stated by the Chairwoman of the Accounts Committee Natalya Godunova, speaking at the meeting of the XVIII Session of the Council of the Heads of Supreme Audit Institutions (SAIs) of the CIS member states.

The heads and representatives of the Supreme Audit Institutions of the Republic of Azerbaijan, the Republic of Belarus, the Kyrgyz Republic, the Republic of Armenia, the Republic of Moldova, the Russian Federation and the Republic of Tajikistan also participated in the event dedicated to the application of information technologies in improving the effectiveness of public administration.

Speaking to the participants of the Council, Natalya Godunova spoke about the processes of digital transformation in the Republic of Kazakhstan, including the implementation of the State Program "Digital Kazakhstan".

According to the Chairwoman of the Accounts Committee, the result of the new model of the economy will be the development of the digital infrastructure and IT-ecosystem in the country, increase the computer literacy and increase labor productivity.

Nataya Godunova stressed the importance of using information technologies in the activities of state audit bodies, including automation of all stages of audit.

The head of the supreme audit institution of Kazakhstan noted that the Accounts Committee is making determined efforts in this direction.

"Digitalization of our activities contributes to ensuring transparency of audit processes, reducing the time at auditees on average from 60 to 5-10 days, decreasing the administrative workload of the audittee, reducing corruption risks," she said.

In addition, Natalya Godunova emphasized the special importance of IT-audit. According to her, IT audit promotes ensuring information security, optimizing the costs of implementing and maintaining information systems of state organizations and their effective use.

"The implementation of information technology is very expensive. And it is necessary that they are really worth the budget funds spent. With a view of more efficient use of public resources, a clear methodology for determining the costs of their creation and modernization is required. The assessment of the quality of implementation, the efficiency evaluation of the IT control, management of IT services and IT processes are equally important, - concluded the Chairwoman of the Accounts Committee.

The results of the work of Expert Group on Key National Indicators and the Working Group on the Development of Public Financial Control (Audit) Standards of the CIS SAIs member states are also considered at the meeting of the Council.

At the end of the session, the Decision and Resolution on the role of the Supreme Audit Institutions of CIS member states in implementation and development of modern digital technologies were adopted. In addition, the Work Plan for the period between the XVIII and XIX sessions, as well as the updated statutory documents of the Council were approved.

During the session, the Chairwoman of the Accounts Committee Natalya Godunova held bilateral meetings with the heads of the State Control Committee of the Republic of Belarus Leonid Anfimov and the Accounts Chamber of the Russian Federation Alexei Kudrin.

The colleagues exchanged opinions on the issues of interaction with state bodies, analysis of the impact of identified violations and shortcomings on the development of economic sectors, the use of information databases, the preliminary assessment of the draft budget and others. In addition, the parties agreed to expand cooperation in the area of ​​conducting training seminars and working meetings on issues of mutual interest.

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