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The Accounts Committee of Kazakhstan was elected a member of the ASOSAI Audit Committee for 2018-2021

Election of the Accounts Committee for such a high post will provide further intensification of the institution’s activities and enhancing the image of Republic of Kazakhstan within the international audit community.
According to the results of the voting the Turkish Court of Accounts was elected a member of the Audit Committee as well. During the period of 2018-2021 the Supreme Audit Institutions (SAIs) of both countries will conduct the audit of the ASOSAI financial statements.
Elections of the Audit Committee and the Governing Board members were held in Hanoi (Viet Nam) within the 14th ASOSAI Assembly which was attended by over 200 representatives of SAIs of the ASOSAI member states and international organization.
The Kazakhstan delegation was headed by the Member of the Accounts Committee Talgat Zhakan.

Within the Assembly the results of the organization’s activities over the three year’s period were summarized. The ASOSAI Financial Statements for 2015-2017 were considered, the budget for 2019-2021 was approved, the results of the Strategic Plan implementation were discussed.

The ceremony of transfer of the organization’s Chair powers from the Auditor General of Malaysia to the Auditor General of Viet Nam for 2018-2021 was held. The National Audit Office of China was approved as a Secretary General of ASOSAI. The SAI Palestine was admitted as a new member of the ASOSAI. Thailand is designated as the next host of the Assembly.

The topical issues of environmental auditing for sustainable development in the light of existing global challenges concerning climate changes, environmental pollution and other factors threatening the life of mankind were discussed during the 7th ASOSAI Symposium.

Following the results of the work the Hanoi Declaration was adopted, according to which the participants negotiated on intensification of the ASOSAI activities through enhancing the experience and knowledge sharing, disseminating standards of environmental audits, organizing intensive training courses, and encouraging joint audits to solve issues in this field.

Within this event the Member of the Accounts Committee Talgat Zhakan met with the Heads and representatives of the SAIs of Viet Nam, Iran, Kuwait, United Arab Emirates, Thailand, Turkey, South Korea and Japan. 

The parties discussed the directions of intensification and strengthening of interaction on issues of mutual interest. It was agreed to sign the bilateral memorandums on cooperation with the SAIs of Viet Nam and Thailand. Talgat Zhakan thanked the colleagues for the support and assured that the Accounts Committee as a member of the Audit Committee will make every effort to use its capacity and experience for further development of international cooperation within the ASOSAI.

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ASOSAI (Asian Organization of Supreme Audit Institutions) is the organization comprised of supreme audit institutions of 46 countries of Asian-Pacific region. It was established in 1979. The supreme body of the ASOSAI is the Assembly which is held once for three years. The Accounts Committee of the Republic of Kazakhstan is a member of the ASOSAI since 2000.

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