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A delegation led by member of the Accounts Committee of Kazakhstan Adylgazy Bergenev took part in the 18th meeting of the Training Committee and the 23rd meeting of the ECOSAI Governing Board (Economic Cooperation Organization of Supreme Audit Institutions)

Representatives of the supreme audit institutions of Afghanistan, Azerbaijan, Pakistan and the Republic of Turkey also took part in the events held in Baku (Republic of Azerbaijan).
The main priorities for the development of the organization for the near future, plans for the upcoming period, as well as prospects for joint and parallel audit activities were discussed.
Javad Jehangir, Secretary-General of ECOSAI-General Auditor of Pakistan reported on the results of work carried out in 2017. In addition, a report on the use of funds received as financial assistance from the Islamic Development Bank for conducting ECOSAI training events was reviewed.  
Member of the Accounts Committee Adylgazy Bergenev made speech at the 23rd meeting of the Governing Board. During his presentation, he noted that the intensive exchange of experience and knowledge within the organization contributes to improvement of the state audit systems of the participating countries.
At the same time, he also noted at this stage it is relevant to expand the cooperation of ECOSAI SAIs member states, including through joint audits, seminars and advanced trainingcourses. Adylgazy Bergenev stressed, that thiswill puttingwork to a qualitatively new level, to improve the forms and methods of conducting a state audit, and also to increase the professional level of auditors.
ECOSAI - the organization of economic cooperation of supreme audit institutions. The members of ECOSAI are the SAIs of Afghanistan, Azerbaijan, Iran, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Pakistan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Turkey, Uzbekistan. The Accounts Committee became a member of ECOSAI in 2004, in 2016 it became a member of ECOSAI Governing Board.
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