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Experts of the National Audit of Estonia have visited Astana to complete the peer review of the activity of the Accounts Committee of Kazakhstan

According to the principle of independence the Accounts Committee as the supreme audit institution can not be audited by the national state authorities – auditees.
In addition, one of the most effective mechanisms for assessments of the performance of the supreme audit institution (SAI) in international practice is applied – i.e. the peer review. The peer review is an expert assessment of the SAI activity in one country by the SAI of other country.
The peer review was initiated by the Accounts Committee in order to ensure compliance of the activity with the requirements of international standards. To obtain objective external assessment the Accounts Committee has addressed to the National Audit Office of Estonia, whose experts started the peer review in April this year.

As the final stage the Estonian colleagues have discussed the main statements of the draft report on the results of conducted audit with the Accounts Committee members and the heads of the structural divisions.
In particular, the issues of performing the Accounts Committee tasks, including performance audit, methodological support, reporting to the President and Parliament, international cooperation, professional development of the auditors, transparency as well as independent activity of the supreme audit institution.
The report contains a number of recommendations, contributing to the Accounts Committee activity in accordance with the best international practice, as well as improving the management performance of public resources in Kazakhstan.
The results of the peer review is planned to be summarized by the end of this year at a joint meeting of the supreme audit institutions of Estonia and Kazakhstan in Tallinn.

Peer review is one of the effective mechanisms for evaluating performance applied in the global community of supreme audit institutions, allowing to follow the principle of ensuring the transparency of activity while maintaining independence, since the auditors act as partners with equal status and authority. 

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