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A delegation led by the Chairwoman of the Accounts Committee visited the Estonian National Audit Office to sign a peer review report

The joint meeting of the Accounts Committee of Kazakhstan and the Estonian National Audit Office on results of the peer review of the Accounts Committee activities was held in Tallinn on December 4, 2018. At the meeting, the heads of institutions considered and signed the final report, which contains recommendations aimed at improving the Accounts Committee activities.

A peer review was conducted during 2018. The Estonian National Audit Office peer review team carried out three working visits to the Accounts Committee, during which the meetings with the heads and representatives of all Accounts Committee departments, as well as members of the Mazhilis of the Parliament and representatives of several state authorities were held.

During the peer review, issues of planning and organizing the Accounts Committee activities, conducting audit and expert – analytical activities, including collecting evidence, preparing relevant reports and conclusions, developing recommendations, providing methodological support, conducting internal quality control and using information systems were reviewed.

Also, attention was paid to the issues of professional development of the Accounts Committee staff, reporting to the President, Parliament, international cooperation, ensuring transparency and independence of the Accounts Committee activities.

At the meeting, the Chairwoman of the Accounts Committee, Natalya Godunova, expressed gratitude to the Estonian colleagues for their professional work within the peer review, and emphasized: “At present, we are deviating from the practice of statements of financial violations facts and focus our work on evaluating the effectiveness and developing specific recommendations for its improvement. Therefore, the experience of Estonia not only in the economic sphere, but also in the field of public administration, including the state audit, is important and interesting”.

On results of the meeting, the parties agreed on further cooperation in the field of IT audit.

Also during the visit, an exchange of experience on performance audit and electronic audit will be held.

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