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Accounts Committee’s delegation headed by the Chairwoman Natalya Godunova is participating in 10th Gaidar Forum which is held from 15 to 17 January in Moscow

Gaidar Forum is one of the largest international forums uniting experts from different countries with a view to discuss most sharp socio-economic issues and nowadays topical problems. Traditionally the forum is attended by Russian and foreign experts, public and political figures, journalists and entrepreneurs, members of the Government and Heads of the Russian Federation regions. Within the anniversary 10th Forum over 90 various events were scheduled:  panel and expert discussions, debates, analytical reports, open lectures, round tables and etc.

The Kazakhstan delegation participated in the discussion panel on “Strategic audit: how supreme audit institutions assess achievement of national goals”.

Representatives of supreme audit institutions of Indonesia, Russia, USA, Finland and International Organization of Supreme Audit Institutions (INTOSAI) took part in this session as well. The participants discussed the role of supreme audit institutions in ensuring national goals achievement as well as issues of transformation of supreme audit institutions and their functions to comply with the contemporary challenges and tasks, keep the topicality and enhance their value both for the society and authorities.
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